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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Photoshoot Location in North Carolina (Part Two!)

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the first part of my ultimate guide in my last post. As a North Carolina photographer, I get lots of questions about how to pick a photoshoot location: there are so many gorgeous locations from the mountains in Asheville, to the urban hideaways of Charlotte, to the shores of Wilmington. The truth is, it's pretty complex!

Part one of my guide details how to define the style of photography that you are looking for in "photographer speak" to identify a spot that best suits your personality and how to find a photographer in your area to help you bring your vision to life.

The second part of my guide can be found over on my Instagram (go follow us if you haven't already!) as an IGTV video. This video goes into detail about the seasons and time of day, and how that will affect the lighting of your photoshoot. Check it out below and let me know what you think! Make sure you share our guides with any friends who are looking for an engagement photographer, a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer (headshots anyone??), or a family photographer so that they can choose the best spot for their needs.

Thanks for watching and take care.

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