Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the questions I hear the most of! If you don't see your question here, feel free to contact me. I can guarantee you that if you are wondering, someone else is too!


  • Are you insured? Yep.

  • Where are you located? I am in Concord, but I serve the greater Charlotte metro region and all of North Carolina with my photography! I am a photographer that can travel upon request, as well!

  • How much does a photoshoot cost? Check out our pricing guide here.

  • Where can I book a session? You can submit a request here. You could also shoot us an email at We also respond to our Facebook messages. You can also give Ashley a call at (704) 500-4644, just make sure you leave a message with your info!

  • Do you have a studio? Yes! Our location is in historic downtown Concord at 11 Union St S, Suite LL226 Concord, NC 28025, inside the old Belk building. We will meet you in the lobby area on the ground-level and walk you to our studio in the basement. 

  • I am nervous. What should I do to prepare for my photoshoot? Make a vision board (Pinterest is great) of images that you like! Try to figure out what common themes you see in the photos you have selected- is there a particular pose you like? Are there certain outfits you like? Use this knowledge to get yourself ready to be in front of the camera. Try practicing the poses or trying a couple outfits like the ones that you saw. We also highly recommend bringing a close friend or family member for moral support if you are doing solo portraits- otherwise, just relax and enjoy the company of whoever you are doing the photoshoot with! We will guide you through the rest.

  • What should I wear? First and foremost, you should wear something that you are comfortable in and something that makes sense for your photoshoot location/time of year. I'm pretty good at Photoshop, but I can't always edit out sweat stains if you wear a long sleeved shirt in the summertime. I strongly advise against any type of clothing that has writing or huge logos on it. In my opinion, simple cuts and patterns are the best. I do not recommend trying new clothes out at your photoshoot- choose something that is reliable! If you are taking group photos, different colors for each person works best. Try to pick a color scheme ( has the trendiest color palettes for you to choose from. The possibilities are endless!) to stick with for all of the outfits. If you aren't sure what colors look best on you and you want to take a deep dive into color theory, identify your color season (this is also a game-changer for your personal style and wardrobe).  Choosing a color scheme will also help me fine tune the vibe of your photos when editing ;) If you are still not sure, try making a vision board like I mentioned in my last answer. 

About the process

  • What is working with you like? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with a few additional questions that will help us quote you properly. Once we agree on fees and the date(s), I will send a digital contract for you to review and sign. At the time of signing, we will have you send us a deposit to confirm our agreement. If you have any questions about choosing a location, a time, or an outfit, just let me know! Then, we will arrive at the agreed upon location at the time and day outlined in the contract and I will guide you through the process, making small adjustments and suggestions as we go until the time is up! I'll take your files home, back them up, and start editing. The editing process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on what type of photoshoot you had! We will typically inform you after the photoshoot how long you can expect to wait for the finished album. Then, we will send over a digital gallery! From there, you can download and share the link. At that point, you will have all of the final edits and you can decide if you want us to print any for you. 

  • What do I get in my package? All of our packages include the photoshoot itself ("the sitting fee"), digital editing to reflect our style, light retouching to remove blemishes and brighten your smile, and the digital gallery with downloads. 

  • How soon should I book? For portrait sessions, we can typically accommodate you within a month of your request if we are not in our busy seasons (summer, fall). We recommend booking at least 1.5 - 2 months out for portrait or business sessions, and 6+ months out for weddings or travel shoots. 

  • When will I get my photos? For a simple portrait session, you can expect a 3-4 week turnaround time. We carefully edit your photos with a lot of attention to detail and this timespan allows us to carefully review everything. For larger packages, such as a business session or a wedding, we have much more photos to sort through, so you can expect 2-3 months for those. 

  • What should I do if I want prints? If you know that you want some prints before your photoshoot, let me know and I can write it into the contract! We can do photobooks (hard or soft cover), canvas prints, or framed prints. Please know that all products are customized and made to order, which means they can take much longer to receive than your digital galleries. If I know ahead of time that you are looking for prints, I can offer some suggestions based on where the finished piece is going to go and how it will be used. Once I deliver your gallery, I will make some suggestions on my favorite pieces to print, and if you are ordering a book, I'll have the sample book curated (not all images will make the "final cut" for a photobook), which I will have you review and approve before ordering. Then, I will either deliver them to you or have you come pick them up in person at the studio-whatever you prefer!

  • What do we do if our session gets rained/snowed out? Please know that first and foremost, I want to be respectful of your time. I keep an eye on the weather before the photoshoot, but technology cannot predict what will happen 100 percent of the time. If you are reasonably concerned about the risk of rain (verified by the weather forecast; in other words, I cannot accommodate a re-shoot request if there is only a 30% chance of rain...) and want to reschedule, I will do my best to offer you our next-best-date, free of charge. In the past, we have had couples take the risk to make it happen and it has ended in some avoiding the bad weather, and others getting caught in it- this is totally up to you what you choose depending on your level of comfort and risk. While we would never penalize you if it started raining at the photoshoot, if there is a risk of our equipment becoming damaged, we will have to call it off right then and there. If it starts raining halfway or 3/4 of the way through and we can still fulfill the deliverables specified in the contract, then we cannot offer you a re-shoot. However, if it starts raining at the very beginning and there is a reasonable risk to our safety or to the integrity of our equipment, we will help you reschedule. We cannot guarantee any specific availability for our re-shoot, but will aim to have it done ASAP!
    TLDR; it depends on a lot of factors but we will work with you to figure out the next best steps for everyone involved.